Roblox script - King Legacy (Auto-farm, ESP, Teleport, God Mode)

Roblox script - King Legacy (Auto-farm, ESP, Teleport, God Mode)

King legacy is a game that invites the user to create their own unique character. He has certain skills that will be used to perform various tasks and to win battles. The main goal, except for the passage of the storyline and the endless improvement of the hero, is not here. By the way, even this is problematic to achieve, especially if we are talking about a beginner. Therefore, to achieve good results, it is recommended to use the script on king legacy.

Script functions:
To gain an advantage in this mode, it is recommended to pay attention to the script for king legacy. He has at his disposal quite a lot of abilities, among which are:
  • AutoFarm - independent extraction of all necessary resources.
  • Teleport - move to any point on the map in one second.
  • God Mode - activates the so-called God mode. In this state, the player can not be killed, and cause damage as well.
  • ESP - displays where the opponents are, ignoring their abilities and any objects present on the map itself.
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