Roblox script for Ninja Tycoon

Roblox script for Ninja Tycoon

Ninja tycoon — a game that is made in the style of adventure. This time, the user will take on the role of a ninja, who must fight with a variety of opponents and constantly develop. This is the main task. The other, in essence, is not. The tasks to be performed are evenly scattered on the map. There is also an opportunity to challenge any ninja that is on the server. In case of victory, the player receives additional resources and opportunities for development. In general, it takes a huge amount of time to upgrade your character. A ninja tycoon script can help simplify this process.

Script functions:
The very same script for ninja tycoon was created specifically to give one player a significant advantage over others! Among the possibilities it is worth highlighting:
  • Anti Afk - a special mode that is created so that the player can move away from the computer during the match. He, in turn, will not be expelled.
  • Teleport - the name makes it clear that the player is transported to a point on the map.
  • Jump Power - increases the speed and power of the jump to the maximum values. You can choose your own level by entering some numbers directly into the table.
  • Game Pass - provides access to a seasonal event that is sold for Robux. All this is not only free, but also expands the range of possibilities of the player.
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