Swordburst 2 - script for Roblox

Swordburst 2 - script for Roblox

Swordburst 2 is a great game that is made in the genre of adventure. The player gets under his sensitive control of a special character that must develop. He has a certain list of abilities and weapons that must be used for their own purposes. For example, they are useful for conquering any locations and completing tasks scattered throughout the map. For each completed mission, in turn, give a certain number of points, which must be spent on all sorts of modifications. This will continue indefinitely. In order to somehow diversify the gameplay and bring various improvements to it, it is recommended to use the script on swordburst 2.

Script functions:

The script on swordburst 2 gives the user quite a lot of advantages in the final battle. Among them, you can and should distinguish:
Auto Farm -independent extraction of all useful resources. The player, in turn, can still go about their business.
Kill Aura - kill the aura of your opponents, making it easier to spend time in this mode and all the confrontations with this.
INVISIBLE - enables invisibility for the hero. Winning, in this case, will be as easy as possible.
Attack Speed - will help you adjust the speed of attack and movement accordingly. There are no restrictions.

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