Roblox hack for Car Crushers 2 (Auto Farm, Teleports, Money)

Roblox hack for Car Crushers 2 (Auto Farm, Teleports, Money)

Car crushers 2 is a great entertainment developed for the Roblox universe. In it, the user will have to ride on a variety of cars and smash them to pieces! For the most sophisticated ways give additional finance. They can be used to buy another vehicle or upgrade an old one! There are really a lot of options. The main goal, as such, is not here. You just need to smash everything in the area and do it on a regular basis. This, in turn, will delay for many hours ahead and give him the opportunity to enjoy the game for a long time. To increase the range of positive emotions from this mode, it is recommended to use the script on car crushers 2.

Script functions:

The script for car crushers 2 has a lot of options at its disposal, among which it is definitely worth highlighting:

Auto Farm Money - automatic extraction of monetary resources that can be easily spent.
Mods - various modifications for the iron horse, which bring a radically new experience to the ride.
Teleports - moves the player, as well as his vehicle, to any point on the map in a second.
ANTI AFK - you can stand in the middle of the entire location and just do nothing. No one will be kicked out of the server.

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  1. wee213Offline19 September 2021 05:14
    is this work?
  2. m00verOffline23 June 2021 19:48
    it dosn't let me use the buttons