Roblox - Pet Swarm Simulator script (Autofarm / Pets)

Roblox - Pet Swarm Simulator script (Autofarm / Pets)

Pet Swarm Simulator is a great mode for the Roblox universe. It provides users with the ability to create their own farm from animals. The more of them, the more resources you can get. They, in turn, can be spent on buying various improvements and, again, animals. This will happen indefinitely, until the player manages to become the richest representative of this game. By the way, this is quite a difficult mission, given the huge amount of competition. To somehow cope with it, it is recommended to use the script on pet swarm simulator. What can it do and why is it needed?

Script functions
The script for pet swarm simulator has a lot of interesting features at its disposal, among which you can definitely distinguish:

Auto Farm - automatically extract all the necessary resources in a few seconds. While the program is running, the player can do whatever he wants.
Auto Collect - self-collection of all resources that were extracted by the program.
Teleport - instant movement of the player to any point on the map that he needs.
Pets - a whole section with features that are needed to simplify interaction with animals. Here you will be able to include, for example, the endless production of eggs with them.

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