Roblox script for Blox Fruits (Autofarm, Fruits)

Roblox script for Blox Fruits (Autofarm, Fruits)

Blox fruits is a rather interesting mode designed specifically for the Roblox universe. It is made according to all the canons of its genre. It is necessary to take under your strict control a special hero. At his disposal is a sword and the ability to improve by completing a variety of tasks. Special skills can still be used to simplify the task. They can be improved or upgraded. Among other things, there are a huge number of tasks with certain monologues and stories throughout the map. The so-called blox fruits script will help simplify the task. About it and will be told!

Script functions:
To destroy your rivals, you need to use the blox fruits script. It has the following set of functions at its disposal:
  • Auto Farm - automatic extraction of resources to improve your hero and not only.
  • Teleport - instant movement to any point available on the map.
  • ESP - demonstrates the location of the opponents, ignoring the walls and various objects.
  • Walking - walk through walls, various objects, and so on. It is necessary for fast movement and only.
  • Skills Upgrade - automatically improve your character's abilities or learn new ones! There are a lot of options.
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    how do you use it
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    Thank you for the hacks