Roblox cheat for Bee Sim (Autofarm)

Roblox cheat for Bee Sim (Autofarm)

Bee Swarm Simulator is a mode for the Roblox universe that offers users to build their own bee farm. You need to start from scratch, without having any resources. Then, using a couple of set susek, you need to start collecting the first money. They, in turn, will be spent on improving the bee business and so on indefinitely. The main goal is to be in the top three in terms of results. Not every player can achieve such success. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to cheat this game and get what you want, and in the shortest possible time. The hint is made, of course, to the script on bee sim. What advantages and opportunities does it have?

Script functions:
The bee sim script has quite a lot of useful functions at its disposal, among which the most useful ones are:
  • Auto Farm - automatically extract all the necessary resources to improve your business. While the program is running, the player can relax and spend time on themselves.
  • Teleport - helps the player instantly move to any point on the map that he needs. This is done in a couple of seconds.
  • Gravity/Speed - helps to increase the gravity or speed to the maximum values.
  • Auto Quest  -complete all daily tasks in a second. Works absolutely always.
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