Roblox hack for Giant Simulator (Auto Farm, EGGS)

Roblox hack for Giant Simulator (Auto Farm, EGGS)

Giant Simulator is a game in the Roblox universe, where the user needs to improve their character and cultivate a whole giant. Simply put, this is a full-fledged giant simulator, where you just need to improve the hero. The goal is to become the biggest of all! Complicating the task is the fact that there are a huge number of opponents on the map, each of which has at its disposal a certain list of abilities. You can fight with them and even win, getting more resources for development. To succeed in this universe, you need to try, and in particular, install a script on giant simulator.

Script functions:
As mentioned earlier, to achieve success in this universe will help the script on giant simulator. It has at its disposal quite a lot of functions, among which it is definitely worth highlighting:
  • Unlimited EGGS - an infinite number of eggs from which pets fall and simplify the gameplay.
  • Collect All- automatically collects all the resources that are extracted.
  • Auto Farm - is engaged in the extraction of resources without the need to do anything. The utility will perform the collection itself!
  • Kill - is a great feature that aims to destroy other giants available in the arena. Gives a significant advantage.
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