Roblox hack for SCP-3008

Roblox hack for SCP-3008

SCP 3008 is a great mode for the Roblox universe. Its essence is that the user must engage in survival. This is his main goal, which must be fulfilled. It all starts with a rather scary location, where the player gets the task-to build a shelter. This will not be so easy to do, given the fact that this will require resources. It is difficult to collect them, because there are monsters everywhere, ready to kill the player. Therefore, by the way, even banal survival becomes a full-fledged quest. To make things easier for yourself, we recommend using a script on scp 3008 Roblox.

Script functions
Speaking of the script for scp 3008 Roblox: this is a full-fledged program that gives the player a tangible advantage in battle. It can be easily converted to victory in this mode. The following functions are used for this purpose:
  • Remove Energy - remove the energy limit for your character. He will be able to work without interruption.
  • Infinite Jump - infinite jumps all over the map, again, without wasting resources in the form of energy.
  • Hide Name - hide your name so that other players can't see it.
  • Remove Fall Damage - remove the damage that can be received when falling.
  • Speedhack - increases the movement speed to the maximum values. Monsters, at the same time, will not even be able to even catch up with the player.
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