Script for Mall Tycoon Roblox

Script for Mall Tycoon Roblox

Mall tycoon is a great game made for the Roblox universe. She suggests building your own shopping center, which should have sales and good statistics. The main task is to become the richest businessman in this universe. To do this, you will have to constantly work and retain your own customers. This is the only way to get more resources for the development of your own business. You can change everything here, from the walls in the store, and ending with the windows, goods and general furnishings. Fortunately, the game does not restrict users in any way and they are free to decide for themselves how to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time. A high-quality script on mall tycoon can help with this.

Script functions:
Speaking of the script on mall tycoon, it is necessary to gain an advantage over other participants of the mode. This is done using some functions that look like this:
  • Auto Collect -automatically collect resources. The player, at the same time, can do nothing and just stay in one place.
  • Auto Select - automatic selection of purchased items in the store. That is, the utility will independently manage the resources that it has earned.
  • Auto Rebirth - instant resurrection, if the player somehow managed to die.
  • Anti Afk - is a special mode that allows the player to stand still and not leave the server.
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