Script for Roblox Bitcoin Miner

Script for Roblox Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner - is a mode for Roblox, which offers to mine virtual currency. You need to travel to a variety of locations and start earning resources. They are exchanged for a well-known Bitcoin. Then the received resources must be exchanged for the components of your computer to increase earnings. This will continue indefinitely. The main task of this universe is to become the richest investor of new money. This is not so easy, given the fact that other players continue to develop. Fortunately, the script for bitcoin miner roblox will help you simplify your mission!

Script functions:
The script for bitcoin miner roblox has a lot of different functions at its disposal. The most interesting and attractive of them look like this:
  • Infinite Money - mining an infinite amount of gold. The program will independently deal with all the extraction of resources.
  • Infinite Level - using this option, you will be able to increase your level infinitely. This, in turn, unlocks new features, including components for the computer. All this, in turn, will affect the final production.
  • Unlock All - the most useful feature, after using which everything that is in this mode will be unlocked, and in a second.
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  1. gMAERsawaiOffline29 June 2021 22:04
    i need this in DLL form pls help

  2. FREDDYAYERSOffline26 June 2021 02:40
    how do i do it
    it opend a note pad
  3. damedanetOffline17 June 2021 00:59
    The password?

    1. VancedOffline17 June 2021 11:39
      1. gMAERsawaiOffline29 June 2021 22:04
        read my comment pls