Roblox script for KAT (Knife Ability Test)

Roblox script for KAT (Knife Ability Test)

Kat is a mode for the Roblox universe. It is made in the shooter format. According to all the canons of the genre, the user will have to destroy their rivals using a variety of weapons. This game is different in that it provides the opportunity not just to shoot, as it is done, for example, in CS: GO, but also to interact with various objects. The player can easily use the walls as a shelter, use different modes. All this is supported by the fact that the mode has a huge number of cards! Each of them represents a location where the main battle takes place and adds a factor of diversity. Shooting here is very realistic, so to win, you need to train! At the same time, there is always a way to make the final battle easier for yourself. To do this, use the script on kat roblox.

Script functions:
Using the script on kat roblox, you can get at your disposal the following list of useful functions:
  • ESP - displays the movement of enemies, ignoring walls and smoke grenades, for example.
  • Aimbot - automatic shooting at opponents.
  • SIlent Aim - a simplified mode of shooting at enemies, which is used to avoid getting a lock on the account.
  • Speed Boost - increases the movement speed to the maximum values.
  • Less Lag - reduce hangups, making it much easier to hit enemies!
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