Roblox - Combat Rift cheat

Roblox - Combat Rift cheat

Combat Rift is an adventure game. In it, the user will take control of a brave warrior who decided to travel to various locations and complete tasks. The main goal is to pass everything that he meets. This is not so easy, given the fact that there are a huge number of hostile heroes there. Some of them have certain abilities and weapons, so it won't be easy. As you progress, you will be able to improve the level of the existing hero, so that he will get more different opportunities, ranging from fatal blows, and ending with a reserve of health. Therefore, there is always something to strive for! The script on combat rift will help to facilitate the whole process.

Script functions:
The script for combat rift has a huge number of useful options. Among them, it is definitely worth highlighting:
  • Sell your Skulls - sell accumulated skulls (game trophies) to get gold and more opportunities to develop your character.
  • Set Level To - will help you set up the program for the extraction of a certain level of the hero.
  • Lowest Health - is responsible for setting the amount of health.
  • Auto Farm - the most useful feature of all. By its name, it becomes clear that it is responsible for the automatic extraction of resources. The player just needs to turn it on and start enjoying the results.
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