Roblox script for Tapping Simulator (AutoFarm)

Roblox script for Tapping Simulator (AutoFarm)

Tapping simulator - a mode for Roblox, in which the user will have to deal with clicks. That is, here you will need to press the "Click" key and get clicks. They, in turn, can be exchanged for the internal currency and improve the receipt of clicks. That is, it is an endless sandbox, where you will need to press the central key and increase your own income to the limit. The main goal of the mode is to become the richest player in this mode. Naturally, the money received or clicks can be spent on the purchase of pets, appearance and various improvements. Literally every parameter listed in this miniature list, again, increases the amount of loot.

Cheat features:
In order to facilitate the gameplay, you can use the script on tapping simulator auto farm. It can do all the dirty work for the user. That is, it has the following set of options:
  • Automatic Functions - a set of functions that can automatically extract a variety of resources.
  • Teleport - is an option that allows you to move around the entire map without any restrictions.
  • Egg/Pet Functions - Automatically open cases and delete all pets that the user does not need.
  • Function - Simple functions like infinite jumps, speed increases, and more.
  • GUI Settings - Allows you to customize the color and appearance of the interface.
Therefore, you need to start using the script on tapping simulator.

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