Epic Minigames - Roblox money script

Epic Minigames - Roblox money script

Epic minigames - a mode that is created for Roblox and is able to offer the user the presence of more than 90 mini-games at once. That is, in one mode, you can play both football or hockey, and arrange a large-scale battle on a ship or cars. Over time, of course, this mode is added to even more diverse mini-games, each of which deserves the attention of users. The main goal is to win in a particular battle and earn respect from other participants.

Functions of the script for coins
The script on epic minigames can be used by the user for a variety of purposes. It not only facilitates the gameplay, but also creates all the conditions necessary to win. This is a huge advantage, with which the player is guaranteed to win every battle. Enemies will not get the minimum chance to win, so it is more relevant than ever. In general, we can say that the script on epic minigames has a number of the following options:
  • Fly - unlimited flight across the entire map. Works in every mini-game that is available here.
  • All TP - teleports enemies from the map if they suddenly start winning. This option can only be used in rare cases.
  • Infinite Coins - get an unlimited number of coins.
  • Fast Quests - simplifies and speeds up the process of completing missions.
  • Speedhack - accelerates the movement speed to the maximum.
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