Survive The Night - script for Roblox (Farm Relic)

Survive The Night - script for Roblox (Farm Relic)

Survive the night is a mode for the Roblox universe, which provides users with the opportunity to participate in real horror. The main task will be to survive in night locations where various monsters and killers roam. You can either try to kill them, which will be very problematic, given the amount of health, or hide. Speaking of the latter: various drawers, doors, cabinets, and so on can serve as a shelter. Regardless of what exactly the user does, his main task in the form of survival is unchanged! The survival mode itself can be transferred to a variety of maps, which only become more with each update.  At the same time, the script for survive the night is ready to help you complete the main task. That's what we need to talk about!

Script Functions
To significantly simplify the task in this mode, it is recommended to use the script on survive the night. It provides the ability to use the following list of options:
  • Auto Pickup - automatic lifting of all objects that the user will meet during his journey.
  • Farm Relic - to extract a huge number of relics that are highly rare.
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    cool cheats and good