Roblox script for Anime Dimensions (Autofarm, Auto Punch, To Speed)

Roblox script for Anime Dimensions (Autofarm, Auto Punch, To Speed)

Anime dimensions is a huge universe located inside Roblox. In it, the user can take control of a character with unique abilities and talents. Using them, he must begin to destroy the opponents present on the map. At the same time, there are a variety of lobbies that you can join and take part in very interesting battles. This gameplay is endless, especially given the opportunity to improve your hero and his characteristics. The so-called script for anime dimensions can also help in this in everything.

Script Functions
Considering the script on anime dimensions, we can say for sure that it provides users with a huge number of new features. They are implemented as a set of the following functions:
  • Auto Punch — automatically hit the opponents as soon as it is accumulated.
  • Autofarm All Mobs — the program begins to independently kill all enemy creatures, earning a large amount of resources.
  • To Speed — adjusts the speed of movement of the main character. The higher the number is selected, the faster it is and vice versa.
  • Skills — start adjusting your character's abilities and learn how to properly manage them with maximum efficiency.
This list of options should be used by anyone who wants to gain an advantage in the Anime universe. They show all the attractiveness of such programs for ordinary users.
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