Roblox script for A Bizarre Day (Kill, Noclip, Autofarm)

Roblox script for A Bizarre Day (Kill, Noclip, Autofarm)

A bizarre day is a classic mode for Roblox, which is a simulator. In it, the user gets control of a character with a unique set of abilities. Using its potential, you need to constantly engage in the extraction of resources and improve all characteristics. This is an endless gameplay, where the main task will be to get more resources and characteristics. There are no other goals here. At the same time, absolutely everyone can become the best if they decide to start using the script on a bizarre day.

Script functions
The so-called script on a bizarre day provides the user with a large number of possibilities, implemented in the form of certain functions. It looks something like this:
  • Kill - instant killing of one, several or all players present on the map.
  • Noclip - the ability to fly all over the map without any restrictions.
  • Anti Afk - the player can move away from the computer and no one will kick him out of the server.
  • Walk/Jump Power - helps to regulate how fast the player will move or jump. It will be possible to edit using a special slider.
  • TP - instantly move your hero or any individual item.
  • Shop - get a large number of expensive items at your disposal.
The presence of these options makes such a program ideal for those who wish to gain an incredible advantage over every opponent present in this game.
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