Roblox Breaking Point Hack

Roblox Breaking Point Hack

"Breaking Point" is an analog of Russian roulette. A random player is given a gun, and he can choose how to kill another player, secretly or publicly. If the player chooses "hidden", the light in the room will go out, and the player has the opportunity to see his future victim. And with the "public" method of murder, the light does not go out, and you do the same. However, remember, some players are very vindictive, and they can kill you if they have this chance. Also, sometimes a revolver can misfire.
The game has several modes: "Duck Duck Stab", "Breaking Point" (most likely, the game was named after this mode), "Vote Fight" and others. The names of these modes are not so easy to remember.

Breaking Point is a script that allows you to automate almost all the effects in this mode, which is the most reducing the painful effects to a minimum. The graphical interface is a visual script execution that helps the player choose the necessary functions for connecting and disabling modes, without the need for constant input of comedians into the chat.

Select the appropriate bundle in the exploit+ script. You are watching the updates, so as not to lose your personal game acc.


  • Omithus cheat
  • Updated, works with functions:
  • loadfile ("scriptname.txt")
  • getreg
  • getgenv
  • printconsole
  • getrawmetatable
  • autoexec
------ Only works if there is init.lua in the "autoexec" folder ----
  • httpget
  • loadstring
  • getobjects
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  1. Boss FighterOffline28 October 2021 06:55
    It is having problem extracting.
  2. jalakalajahaOffline29 August 2021 22:34
    how to active 

  3. jackson392648Offline15 August 2021 13:12
    what does it do
    becaoues i inject it and nothing happens