Mad City Roblox Script (Money Farm)

Mad City Roblox Script (Money Farm)

Dear visitors, here you can download the script for Mad City roblox. Mad city is a game that gives every player the opportunity to feel like in a world without rules. In fact, the role-playing model of the character mainly prevails, partially inheriting the gameplay from the GTA series of games. The main differences are as follows:
Any player can have only four weapons to choose from, their list depends on the preferences of a particular user. If suddenly, during a meeting with the police, the weapon was seized – it will not disappear from the open modifications in the character's office. Customization is open, anyone can make changes to the internal game store. So how your character looks depends only on the modifications, and how quickly they are introduced into the game store.
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  1. JavaunOffline18 November 2021 05:04
    how do i download

  2. hexan1000Offline10 November 2021 16:28
    😡 it hame viruses
    1. VancedOffline11 November 2021 14:43
      There can be no viruses in a text file, what are you writing??
    2. insertbottomtexthereOffline14 November 2021 14:42
      speak English
  3. LouLou4ever1Offline20 October 2021 19:44
    plis robux
    for me