Farming and Friends - Roblox Promo Codes

Farming and Friends - Roblox Promo Codes

Farming and friends is a fairly classic game that offers to create your own farm and develop it. The user can choose everything in it, from the available animals, and ending with decoration, interior, and so on. The main task is to organize the most profitable economy, make a profit and use it for further development. This can happen indefinitely.

Working promo codes on farming and friends
Now there are a couple of codes for this farm that give the user a small, but still the right amount of resources. By contacting them, you will be able to get acquainted with the creation of Dunn Games in a more profitable way! They look like this:
  • 1kTwitter — gives 350 coins
  • DunnGames — help you get 750 coins
  • PlanetMilo — gives 333 coins
  • FiveHundred — 500 coins
  • NoSpam — 1000 coins
Non-working codes
There are also a number of codes that have lost their functionality. You need to know them, because there is always a chance that they will work.
  • EB1 — gave 129 coins
  • WONUF — 400 coins
  • BunnyFilms — 300 coins
Where to enter the codes?
This is the simplest and most understandable process for everyone. At the very beginning, you will need to click on the medal icon, which is located at the very top. A special window will appear where you will need to enter words and check their performance.

Where can I find new codes for farming and friends mode?
If there is a need to track new code words, then it is recommended to use:
  • Social networks of the developer company
  • Thematic sites with useful and relevant information
  • Youtube videos released no later than two months
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  1. SneepyOffline19 June 2021 10:51
    Thanks to the website tsunamicheats for working roblox promo codes on Farming and Friends. Thanks to them, I got 1000 coins and bought myself the right equipment.