Roblox - Little World Promo Codes

Roblox - Little World Promo Codes

Little World is a beautiful game that was developed by Counter Impact. It was introduced to the general public in mid - 2020. In such a short period of time, it has been played almost 80 million times! This is a huge figure, which only increases, and all this, in turn, makes the codes in little world roblox 100% relevant.

Activate all codes as soon as possible, as they can expire at any time.

All promo codes in little world
At this point in time, there are a huge number of codes that give the user access to any resources. They will help you get acquainted with the battle on a more favorable note.
  • Colors — 1000 stars
  • CarbonMeister — 50 stars
  • CDTV — 50 stars
  • DrakeCraft — 50 stars
  • SnugLife — 50 stars
  • RazorFish — 50 stars
  • Roblerom — 50 stars
  • Cookieboiyt — 50 stars
  • TOadBoiGaming — 50 stars
  • ItzVortex — 50 stars
  • GrumpyGravy — 50 stars
  • Baxtrix — 50 stars
  • JeffBlox — 50 stars
  • GamingDan — 50 stars
  • Frash — 50 stars
  • Rat — 500 stars
  • Bosses — 500 stars
  • Release — 500 stars
  • 2kBug — 1000 stars
  • Spiked10K — 1000 stars
  • ThankYou20k — 750 stars
  • FreeLevel — +1 level
  • EasterLevel — +1 level
  • EasterSecret — x2 experience for 1 hour
  • 100KThankYou — x2 experience boost for 4 hours
  • GoldenRat — Upgrade
  • 75000 — x2 experience Boost
  • 1kLadyBug — additional level.
Little World - a mode that offers users to take on the role of an animal and, using its resources, start traveling. For example, here you can become a cockroach, spider, caterpillar, and so on. Using the abilities of your character, you will be able to swim, collect more resources or even destroy your opponents. The main goal is to become the king of this huge world, where there is always something to do!

Non-working codes
At this point in time, there are only two code words that have lost their relevance a little more than completely. They look like this:
  • Obby — multiplies the experience twice for an hour
  • Controls — gave 750 tokens
Perhaps they will start working again in the foreseeable future!

Where to enter the codes?
To activate them, click on the Twitter icon on the right side of the menu. You just need to specify your word and turn to the "Redeem" key.
Where can I find new codes for the Little World Roblox mode?
To search for them independently, we recommend:
  • Use the developer's social networks, including Twitter
  • Third-party sites made in the corresponding category
  • A variety of videos posted on the Youtube platform.
It is best to use each of them, getting more efficiency.
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