My Hero Mania (update) – Working Roblox Promo Codes

My Hero Mania (update) – Working Roblox Promo Codes

My hero mania is a great mode that is designed for the Roblox universe. It was presented to the general public at the very beginning of 2020. Since then, it has been visited over 50 million times and the number only continues to increase, which makes the codes on my hero mania relevant even now.

New promo codes for My Hero Mania update
At this point in time, there are quite a lot of code words that give the desired stock of resources at the very beginning of acquaintance with the game. Among them, it is worth highlighting:
Letsgo150k — 5 spins
Ultra140k — 5 spins
Big130k — 5 spins
Plus120k! — 4 spins
110kcodeyay — 5 spins
The100k— 10 spins
Its90k — 6 spins
80kcode! — 5 spins
70kalready — 2 spins
Likereward1 — 2 spins
FirstCode! — 5 spins

My Hero Mania — quite an interesting mode that offers the user to maximize the existing character and its abilities. The meaning is simple — with your help, you will be able to fight with other representatives of this universe. This will happen indefinitely, until the player becomes the most dangerous and all-powerful! Fortunately or unfortunately, you will have to spend a huge amount of time to complete this goal, because there are over 1000 levels.

Where to enter the codes?
To activate it, you will need to press the M key on your keyboard. A special menu opens, where you need to enter the code word. Then it will be automatically activated. This process takes just a few minutes, and there can be no difficulties.

Where can I find new codes for My Hero Mania mode?
To track the relevance of code phrases, we recommend using the following methods:
  • Accessing the developer's social networks, including Twitter
  • Using up-to-date videos on the Youtube platform
  • Use of thematic resources with an up-to-date list of information.
You should immediately say that they are mostly added to any important events or holidays for the developer. At this time, it is best to focus on using the mentioned methods
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