Super Evolution - working Roblox promo codes

Super Evolution - working Roblox promo codes

Super Evolution is a great mode for the Roblox universe, which was introduced by InnoVision. The release occurred only in early 2021. In such a short period of time, it has been played over 15 million times. This is a good indicator, which fully indicates that the codes on super evolution have not lost their relevance.

New promo codes for Super Evolution beta
At this point in time, there are quite a lot of interesting codes for this mode that provide the user with additional, but such necessary resources. For example:
  • Oozaru — boost x3 to coins and x2 to power
  • Boosisland — boost x3 coins and x2 power
  • Booster — boost x3 coins and x2 power
  • 45kLikes — boost x3 coins and x2 power
  • 10mVisits — boost x2 coins and x2 power
  • 30kLIkes — x5 coins and x2 power
  • Delay — boost x5 to coins and x2 to power
This is all that you can enter right now and get access to any of the features that so many people need.

Super Evolution is a fairly standard game that offers the user to improve his character to the point of impossibility. By the way, he has a certain set of skills that need to be upgraded, and then correctly used in the final battle. This will continue indefinitely. It even has its own storyline, through which only the most desperate and prepared players will pass. So the codes will definitely come in handy!

Non-working codes
This game has both working codes and those that have lost their relevance. For example, among them you can select:
  • 10Klikes — five-minute advantage
  • GameRelease — gives improvements for a couple of minutes
  • 250K — improvements for five minutes
This list of code words has worked before. It is possible that they will start functioning again in the future, so it is definitely worth checking.

Where to enter the codes?
To enter the code, you need to access the "Codes" key. Next, you will need to specify the selected word from the list, and then activate it. Fortunately, no difficulties can arise.

Where can I find new codes for the Super Evolution mode?
To detect them in independent mode, you will need to use one of three methods. They look like this:
  • Social networks, especially the developer's Twitter account
  • Thematic forums dedicated to this topic
  • A Youtube video released no later than a month ago.
It is best recommended to use all three of these methods at the same time. Then you will be able to get more efficiency.
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