Tower Battles - Roblox Promo Codes

Tower Battles - Roblox Promo Codes

Tower battles is an interesting mode that is designed for the Roblox universe. It was released by Planet Earth Studios. The release took place back in 2011. Over the entire time of its existence, it has been played over 400 million times and even now the number continues to increase, making the codes on tower battles 100% relevant!

Activate all codes as soon as possible, as they can expire at any time.

Working promo codes for tower battles
Especially for this mode, a huge number of codes are released that give access to any resources. Among them, it is worth highlighting only two relevant ones:
  • UpdateInaminute2020 - bashtwitter
  • MONIESSSSSS - gives 250 credits
This is literally everything you can find right now. Unfortunately, there are no other workable options.

Tower Battles is an extremely interesting game that works according to well-known algorithms. Its essence is that you need to correctly install your buildings on the territory, which is constantly attacked by enemies. Each tower has a certain set of characteristics and abilities, so you need to have some strategy to achieve a good result. You just can't do without it. Moreover, the finances for the installation of new buildings are limited, and critically! They are given only for destroyed opponents.

Non-working codes
Right now, there is only one code that once worked, but has lost its relevance. You need to know it, because perhaps in the future it will start working again and provide additional, but so many necessary resources.
  • Updateinaminute2019 - helps you get the Tweeter structure
There are simply no other options, unfortunately.

Where to enter the codes?

To activate the desired code, click on the key in the left corner, and then select the appropriate item. Then, by specifying a keyword, you will be able to get the desired advantage in the form of resources. Everything is as simple as possible and there can be no problems.

Where can I find new codes for the Tower Battles mode?
If the user wants to search for actual code words on their own, it is recommended to use the following list of methods for this purpose:
  • Developer's social networks, especially including Twitter in this list
  • Third-party resources with an up-to-date list of information
  • A Youtube video released less than two months ago
Basically, new code words are added during any large-scale holidays or on a memorable event for the studio, for example, 500 million visits.
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