Noob Army Tycoon - Roblox Promo Codes

Noob Army Tycoon - Roblox Promo Codes

Noob Army Tycoon is a mode for the game Roblox. It was presented by a company called The MLG Gang, and the release took place in early 2021. Since that time, this magnificent game has been played over 100 million times and this figure can only surprise! By the way, this is the reason why many people are looking for noob army tycoon codes.

Noob Army Tycoon Promo Codes (working)
Despite the fact that this mode was released relatively recently, you can already find a large number of code words for it. They provide access to any resources and help to start the most profitable acquaintance with the new universe! What are they like:
  • noob2 — 250 coins and research points
  • 1Million — 10,000 coins and research points
  • 7Tp6Mz — gives only 2000 coins
  • Vk3d5E — 2000 coins and research points
  • EQd57f — give out 2000 coins and research points
  • 2G2upS — give out 2000 coins and research points
  • NOOB — 5000 coins and research points
  • lol — 100 dollars and research points
  • noob — getting 100 coins
  • Free research points — only 100 research points
These are the types of code words that should be used to get resources. In the future, there will only be more of them.

Noob Army Tycoon is a very interesting game in which you have to assemble your army of controlled creatures. The meaning is simple: they will have the opportunity to participate in skirmishes with other armies. There is no main goal here, except for the desire to win in regular confrontations with a huge number of real rivals. To buy new fighters, you need to extract resources, which is achieved using a variety of methods offered in this universe!

Non-working codes
Next, we will mention those code words that have lost their relevance, but perhaps this will change in the future. Therefore, it is worth trying to enter them:
  • Free money — 100 coins
  • 100KLike — gives 20,000 coins and the same number of points
  • 10M — 10,000 coins and the same number of points
Where to enter the codes?
To take advantage of what was mentioned earlier, you will need to start the gameplay and access the "Code" key on the left side of the screen. A special window appears where you need to enter them.
Where can I find new codes for the Noob Army Tycoon mode?
To search for them, you can use:
  • Any social networks The MLG Gang
  • Thematic sites
  • Recent videos on the Youtube platform
By updating these sources several times a month, you will be able to find out about the codes that have appeared.
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