Car Dealership Tycoon - Roblox Promo Codes

Car Dealership Tycoon - Roblox Promo Codes

Car dealership tycoon is an interesting mode designed for the Roblox universe. It was presented by Foxzie's Productions. The release occurred in 2018. Now it has over 300 million visits and this number is increasing daily, so the codes for car dealership tycoon are still relevant!
Activate all codes as soon as possible, as they can expire at any time.
Working promo codes for Car Dealership Tycoon
At this point in time, there are quite a lot of codes that can and should be used to obtain certain finances. They look like this:
  • OldSchool — 25000$
  • 300MPH+ — 30000$
  • ByeWinter — 25000$
  • 70Eggs — 25000$
  • HyperCars — 25000$
  • Twitter5k — 5000$
  • IceCharger — 25000$
  • Tstingray — 25000$
  • SpikeTires — 30000$
  • IceCold — 30000$
  • Year2021– 25000$
  • Xmas2020 — 25000$
  • 1MilMembers – 25000$
  • 200MVisits — 30000$
  • Foxzie — 5000$
  • Youtube25ks0 – 30000$
  • Newupdate — 25000$
These are all code phrases that are in demand and make it possible to acquire some resources.

In general, this is a great game that offers users to build their own car salon. It is possible to choose its colors, assortment, functions, and so on. To earn money to upgrade your business, you will have to ride cars on a giant map. Literally every trick performed gives new financial opportunities. There are also built-in races, for winning in which they provide a pleasant reward. The main goal is to become the richest car seller! It will not be so easy to achieve this.

Non-working codes
The absolute majority of players are used to the fact that there are a lot of non-working codes that can become relevant again in the future. This game is an exception. Everything that was mentioned in the list earlier works even now and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Where to enter the codes?
To activate them, you must click on the settings icon located in the corner of the screen. Then it remains to click on "enter a code word", enter your own version and check its relevance.
Where can I find new codes for the Car Dealership Tycoon?
There are not so many options where they can be tracked. Among them, it is worth highlighting:
  • An appeal to the social networks of the studio that developed the game;
  • Services that are dedicated to the Roblox universe;
  • Current videos on the Youtube platform from popular personalities.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, there are simply no other ways.
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