Splitgate Bypass

Splitgate Bypass

A simple and convenient bypass for Splitgate, which bypasses anti-cheat and allows you to use absolutely any cheats, as well as CE, if you certainly like to dig into the resources of the game. This bypass is a patched exeshnik of the game using IDA, with the help of it you get full control, since all connections with anti-cheat are fixed. Using this bypass, you will get full control of the game and will be able to get up all sorts of tricks. Installing this bypass is easier than ever, just copy the file with the replacement to the folder with the game and have fun.

How to use:
  • In the game settings, set the window mode or windowless mode.
  • Download and unpack the archive, copy the crawl "PortalWars-Win64-Shipping.exe" to the folder with the game, with the replacement.
  • For example: Steam\steamapps\common\Splitgate\PortalWars\Binaries\Win64
  • After making a backup of the original game file.
  • If there are problems after the injection, disable vertical synchronization.
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