Splitgate External Cheat

Splitgate External Cheat

Another free working cheat for the new popular game Splitgate. The author improves and updates the cheat since the release of the game, so this hack can become very popular and work for a long time. The cheat includes the most useful and popular features that you all know. With their help, you will get a good advantage over your opponents and become a professional in the game.
  • ESP is an alternative to wallhack, it differs in that you will not see through the walls, but you will be able to know in which part of the map the enemy is located, how many lives and armor he has, and what weapons he has. How does it work? ESP, has the function of lines and squares, the lines indicate in which part of the map the enemy is located, and the squares highlight the enemy and show information about his equipment near him when the player is in sight.
  • Aimbot is probably the most common function for our favorite game, the happy owners of this cheat have a unique opportunity to be the best of the best on the server, with the help of aim, you will undoubtedly kill only in the head, such a cheat will certainly be noticed immediately, but there are other types of aimbot, for example, this aimbot for can be configured, where the bullet will fly immediately to the head or body, the main thing is to correctly configure the aim and you are not when you were not asleep, not the admin is not an anti-cheat, good luck to you, and shoot well on the server.
Other functions

  • Map attached driver with kdmapper, or any other mapping tool
  • Run the attached exe in the lobby, or whenever you want.

Currently working on game version 4.2.0.
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  1. yeetismybeetisOffline10 June 2022 08:26
    where is the download button?

  2. AZOKLOffline2 November 2021 23:57
    i dont realy understand how to use the cheat but yeah im gonna try