Splitgate hack - ESP / Radar / Aimbot

Splitgate hack - ESP / Radar / Aimbot

Another worker multihack for Splitgate, which you can download for free. This cheat has the following functions: Aimbot, Esp Box, Radar, Esp portal, Wallhack and so far this is all the functionality of this hack. I think even with these functions, you can win any match, because you will have at your disposal not only a esp, with which you will see players through the walls, but also you will be armed with an aimbot. Which will quickly direct your sight at enemies. Which is very cool, because these features will significantly increase your ability to play and you will be able to become the best player in this game!
  • In the game settings, set the window mode or windowless mode.
  • Download and unpack the archive, run the cheat "SharpGate.exe" as administrator.
  • If there are problems after the injection, disable vertical synchronization.
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