Wallhack + Aimbot for Standoff 2

Wallhack + Aimbot for Standoff 2

We present to your attention a collection of cheats for Standoff 2, which includes two useful functions:
Aimbot - with it, you will shoot and hit the enemy, regardless of what shooting skills you have. Aimbot is a cheat that automatically aims at the enemy and when you click on the "Fire" button, it makes an accurate hit on the target. This feature will be useful in all types of battles, including Fight to the Death. Thanks to it, you will quickly upgrade your account and in each battle you will have excellent statistics, which will affect the amount of in-game currency received per match;
Wallhack - allows you to see the members of the enemy team through boxes, walls, doors and other obstacles at absolutely any distance. With Wallhack, you will always know where your opponents are, and you will be able to strike first, avoiding sudden death from a shot in the back. When you enable this option, all enemies on the map will be highlighted in red.

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