Aimbot for Standoff 2

Aimbot for Standoff 2

Aimbot - cheat that allows players to hit the enemy with 100% probability and make instant kills without having to aim. Simply put, at the time of the shot, the cheat automatically aims the sight at the figure of the enemy player, so that each munition falls into it. The location where the auto-shooting will be performed can be selected in the settings of the aimbot.

The main advantages of the cheat:
  • you can shoot and hit the enemy at any distance;
  • with it, you will be able to make multiple kills, thereby improving your statistics and pumping your account faster;
  • if you periodically switch the places where the automatic targeting of the shot is performed, the opponents will not understand that you are using cheats and, accordingly, will not complain about cheating on your part.

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