TF2Jector - injector for Team Fortress 2 hacks

TF2Jector - injector for Team Fortress 2 hacks

The application implements modified dynamic libraries (DLL files) in games. If they are rarely used in offline entertainment, then in online games they will give an advantage over the opponent. The injector for DLL cheats is invisible to anti-cheats, so it becomes popular, because game developers actively ban cheaters.

DLL Injector is used by dishonest fans of the Team Fortress 2 – it connects (introduces into the game) a third-party dynamic library that gives the player an advantage: visibility through walls, auto-aiming and other effects, depending on the game and the content of the cheat.

- it only works on the HL2 process.exe (process tf2)

How to use:
1. Throw in the injector and the .dll of cheat to the same folder.
2. Change the name the .dll cheat to "chittf2.dll'.
3. Run Team Fortress 2.
4. Open injector (as administrator).
5. Go back to TF2 and the cheat should work.
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  1. Agus wahyudiOffline23 August 2021 11:30
    How to download? I can't to download
  2. benjiOffline27 July 2021 02:31
    how to open it

  3. Kingo561Offline1 May 2021 01:45
    doesnt work, or do anything for that matter.
    1. VancedOffline1 May 2021 13:19
      Weird. It works for the others