Team Fortress 2 cheat - FedoraWare

Team Fortress 2 cheat - FedoraWare

A wonderful new working cheat for Team Fortress 2, which will increase your opportunities in the game. With its help, new functions will be opened that will in every way affect the character's skills. Thanks to the convenient menu, you can choose the desired functionality, customize it for yourself and play for fun, killing opponents in packs and at the same time unnoticed

This cheat for TF2 will be able to make players visible through the walls, which will qualitatively affect the outcome of the meeting with the enemy, since you will be ready for him, but he is not. Also, your accuracy will be much higher than that of any player on the server thanks to the Aim, which will accurately shoot from any distance and weapons. You will also know who you are killing, because the ESP will give you all the detailed information about him - name, life, weapons that are used. You can see the rest of the cheat functions in the screenshot

How to run a cheat:
  1. Disable antivirus
  2. Download the cheat from the attachment
  3. Start the game
  4. Run injector as administrator
  5. Inject cheat
  6. Press insert
  7. Have fun
Configs info:
  • The configs are located in the game files in the folder "SEOConfigs"
Menu Info:
  • New menu is under "Insert"
  • The old menu is under "Home"
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  1. JahůdkaOffline8 October 2021 20:34
    The projectile aimbot is missing actually everything. But the DT and the other things are actually good, From my pov, the aimbot is better than lmaobox lol