deer_dance - Team Fortress 2 hack

deer_dance - Team Fortress 2 hack

Many of you have asked for a new free cheat in Team Fortress 2, and today is the day, we are putting out for you another working cheat on Team Fortress 2.
It doesn't stick with VAC anti-cheats. 
Very competent cheat code, there are many different functions, a beautiful menu with which you can configure any of the functions, and easy to install and use this hack. 

For example, it has many popular features. 
Aimbot - this function serves to improve your shooting, to set up the ESP function to distribute players by texture, in other words, you see through walls, the TriggerBot - function to automatically capture player grids, and the Anti-Aim function - this function will not allow other cheaters to dominate you, as well as additional features. To work, you will need any working injector, we advise you to look at our section "Injectors".

How to run a cheat?
1. Disable antivirus
2. Download cheat
3. Run Team Fortress 2
4. Run injector as administrator
5. Select the HL2 process.exe
6. Inject cheat
7. Press insert

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  1. GamerosOffline7 June 2021 11:27
    A great working cheat for Team Fortress 2. Thank you tsunamicheats for its distribution and constant updates, thanks to you, I am not afraid to get banned because we will be the first to know about its update.