LOLmenu - Aimbot, FOV, Configs

LOLmenu - Aimbot, FOV, Configs

You can download a free hack for the popular online game VALORANT from our website. This is a very simple cheat script with which you can activate such functions as: Aimbot, FOV, Configs. Simply put, you will be able to improve your shooting thanks to this hack and thus will be much more accurate when shooting from any type of weapon in the game.

  • Aim (Aimbot) Valorant this function is designed to adjust your shooting, the function automatically detects the target and you will be able to shoot much more accurately in the game Valorant.
  • FOV (Field Of View) Valorant capture angle of the aimbot function. The higher it is, the more distant the target distance from the enemy will be aimed. 
To run this hack, you will need any working injector that works with the VALORANT game.
Try to also use some protection, otherwise you will get a game ban.
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Comments 7

  1. scottOffline12 April 2021 20:00
    not work xd scam

    1. VancedOffline12 April 2021 20:02
      If the author has not updated the cheat for more than a month, does this mean that he is a scam?
  2. gumcheeseOffline10 April 2021 03:36
    no work scam

  3. ExoShyniOffline8 March 2021 21:02
    sur l'ACtIVE commentaire UDC?
  4. ssawalOffline6 March 2021 21:10
    the dll file is 32 bit, cant inject to valorant

    1. WearorOffline12 June 2021 15:14
      dumb dumb you inject to a 32bit program/app
      1. kennethplayzsOffline8 July 2021 22:19
        no u dont it gives error