TriggerBot Free for VALORANT

TriggerBot Free for VALORANT

Free cheat on VALORANT without a ban. TriggerBot on VALORANT with which you can eliminate your opponents in a matter of seconds. The triggerbot function will automatically aim your sights at opponents and thus you will be able to shoot accurately, without any effort. For this script to work, you will need the AutoHotkey program. for more information, read below.
In order for triggerbot to work completely, you need to start the game in windowed mode and set the yellow light in the game settings.

How to use:
  • Download the attachment and unpack the archive
  • Install AutoHotkey
  • Add the script to AutoHotkey
  • Start the game, run the script
  • Start the cheat by pressing "F2"
  • Trigger by the "ALT" key"
Archive password: 123

Edit date: Vanced - 28-07-2021, 17:08
Reason: 28.07.2021 - script is working

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  2. arda15Offline24 October 2022 20:56
    good vb nice
  3. ArnaumenezOffline20 October 2022 15:25
  4. Alpha08_Offline8 June 2022 10:45
    Ok      i    try    this
  5. 2canOffline24 November 2021 21:53
    doesnt work

  6. Bilgvvn1217Offline16 November 2021 21:32
    any full toturial vidie?
  7. joshpaul274Offline14 November 2021 08:52
    Is this safe for HWID ban?

  8. berkantsxOffline27 September 2021 21:30
  9. NOUchanOffline12 August 2021 19:54
    it starts shooting when i press alt , even if there aren't any enemies .. i tested in range but yeah ... m i using it wrong or does it make alt key the left click button
  10. Landen GraystonOffline5 June 2021 22:52
    How do i get auto jot key

  11. Violent_VibesOffline28 May 2021 09:27
    it doesnt shoot ive done all the instruction but it dont work

    1. fqzrOffline15 August 2021 10:17
      i really want to know that to
  12. Haydrian2020Offline15 May 2021 06:32
    someone tell me how to add script to the auto hot key?
  13. pronewb2325Offline29 March 2021 22:27
    This doesn't work and if it does can u help?
  14. womzyOffline26 March 2021 22:44
    It dont work :/

    1. aspc51bOffline12 April 2021 03:31
      i figured it out ill explain go into settings in valorant and set it to winowed and then go to crosshair and change the color to yellow and hold down alt on your keyboard and when you face an enemy it just shoot by its self
      1. kuokik3nOffline7 May 2021 07:45
        can u make a video on it pleaseeeee🙏🙏🙏
        1. BXquiOffline7 May 2021 20:37
          its in the description, its says how to use it