Download cheats for Fall Guys

Have you noticed Fall Guys players who are too good at the game? Now you wondering if Fall Guys has cheats and hacks? We will answer this question, there are cheats for this game, and you can download them for free from our site.
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It seemed what functions can be in the platformer, but we were surprised to see how many useful things can be added to the cheat for such a game. For example, in the category of Visuals, we can mark the ESP function, which will help you see all the opponents through any walls and obstacles.

One of the most important features for this game is speedhack - which will increase your speed to the maximum, with it you will definitely be the fastest in the game.
It is also worth noting such useful features as: No Gravity, High jump, Superdive, Teleport to Finish, and others. Download all this for free from, good luck!