AMONG US - MODMenu ChristWareAU (Teleport, Kick Player, SpeedHack)

AMONG US - MODMenu ChristWareAU (Teleport, Kick Player, SpeedHack)

Another update of the most popular hack ChristWareAU on the game AMONG US. This is a great solution for all players who play this popular online game. You will have more opportunities and the probability that you will win 99%, the main thing is to use all the functions wisely. Have fun in random rooms, surprise your friends with the free hack ChristWareAU. The cheat includes all the most interesting features in its functionality, for example: Teleport, Kick any player, SpeedHack and much more.

Inject ChristWareAU.dll into Among Us.exe using your favorite injector (Should be using LoadLibrary)
Make sure the cheat has successfully initialized in the console that spawns
Press Delete in-game to pull up the menu 

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