Among Us Multi Hack (2021.6.30e) (Radar / Wallhack / Teleport / Sabotage / Tasks [v10])

Among Us Multi Hack (2021.6.30e) (Radar / Wallhack / Teleport / Sabotage / Tasks [v10])

You can download a new cheat for the popular online game Among Us Multi Hack from our website. A great hack with convenient functionality and excellent management of the hack right during the game. There are all the well-known features that allow you to dominate the game and make your friends nervous.

At the moment, the cheat works without a ban and supports the current version of the game (2021.5.10s)

How to use?
Paste the file version.dll to the game directory. The Cheat will be automatically loaded by the game itself

  • Show Menu - DELETE
  • Show Radar - INSERT
  • Show Console - HOME
  • Repair Sabotage - END

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Comments 15

  1. num13niceOffline12 February 2022 09:29
    it does not work now
  2. Riley WhallOffline3 September 2021 22:20
    is there a way to be the imposter everytime with this

  3. Nero47Offline21 July 2021 14:34
    The only working cheat for Among Us that I use for a long time and do not get banned. I thank the author and the tsunamichits for a quick update of the cheat.
  4. dog water sudo aka yashuaOffline21 July 2021 01:19
    its say created thread failed

  5. tjdog19Offline13 June 2021 16:34
    mod is outdated
    please update it to new version

    1. VancedOffline13 June 2021 19:47
      We are waiting for an update from the author
  6. Martin ADAOffline30 May 2021 19:42
    password ???

    1. VancedOffline31 May 2021 09:56
  7. NyankidoOffline29 May 2021 09:46
    Can't I use it in the Epic version?
  8. 82317scv76s8chOffline26 May 2021 06:11
    steam automatically deletes the "version.dll" when put into the game directory
    also, there is no original "version.dll" before I put the cheat's one in there so... idk man, doesn't work :[
    1. VancedOffline26 May 2021 08:41
      Try to run it using the second method:
      1. Download injector
      2. Download cheat
      3. Turn on the game
      4. Inject the cheat
      1. Chill ZoneOffline29 May 2021 17:21
        GameAssembly.dll corrupted(((
        1. VancedOffline29 May 2021 18:05
          It's Outdated. Waiting for the update
  9. JOEBIDENSNOSEOffline2 May 2021 19:28
    anyone available to help me with this add me on discord please JoeBidensNose#8441

  10. AppleBoyOffline6 December 2020 00:54
    nice hack 😍