CS 1.6 Wallhack, NoSmoke, NoFlash, NoRecoil (NoSteam)

CS 1.6 Wallhack, NoSmoke, NoFlash, NoRecoil (NoSteam)

The current cheat Wallhack, NoSmoke, NoFlash, NoRecoil on the old popular online game CS 1.6. This is a simple cheat with a minimum of functions, but which will give you more gaming opportunities than other players. With this hack on CS 1.6, you will be able to dominate the game servers and occupy exclusively top positions. If you play with the hack correctly and discreetly, then other players will think that you are a professional in your field. Below you can see the features.

VAC Status: Undetected
AGUARD Status: Undetected.
  • Wallhack (WH) with this feature, you will see players through the textures on the map, as shown in the main screenshot.
  • NoSmoke disable completely the smoke from the smoke grenade.
  • NoFlash turn off the light from the light grenade, thus you will not be blinded.
  • NoRecoil function disable recoil from your weapon and you will be able to shoot more accurately.
  1. Download cheat
  2. Download any working injector for cs 1.6
  3. Start CS 1.6
  4. Inject cheat
  5. Press INSERT
  6. Enjoy  😎
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