CYBERWARE [Legit / Semi-Rage / Visuals / Misc / Configs]

CYBERWARE [Legit / Semi-Rage / Visuals / Misc / Configs]

Multifunctional cheat for CS:GO — CYBERWARE. Its capabilities will be sufficient for any purpose. Even for playing on servers HVH is suitable as no other. But it is not recommended for beginners to use it. Since to run it, you will need the ability to use the injection of dll cheats. But if you can run it and connect it to the game, then there will be almost no problems with the settings.
CYBERWARE has more than decent functionality that can be used for free, and provide its features when playing not only on Amateur servers. However, remember to take precautions.

User information:
1. How to start the menu: the Menu starts with the "Home" key"
2. How to disable cheat while in the menu: with the "End" key"
3. Where the configs are stored: C:\Users\*yourname*\documents\CYBERWARE\cConfigs

1. Download hack
2. Disable antivirus
3. Enable CS:GO
4. Inject the cheat into the game with any injector
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