ERIS EXTERNAL [Aimbot / TriggerBot / Visuals / Misc]

ERIS EXTERNAL [Aimbot / TriggerBot / Visuals / Misc]

We are ready to present you a new free cheat for CS:GO, it can be used both for playing on public servers, and for raising the rating in matchmaking. After all, even with the fact that such programs are able to direct the sight themselves, the so-called aimbot (here it is available), you need to be able to avoid fawn moments, and at least simulate the game, from time to time succumbing to the enemy.

There is also an ESP, which makes it possible to monitor the movement of enemies, even through walls and throughout the map. For automatic shooting, there is a Trigger bot.

  • The cheat is publicly available.
  • Author recommend playing for a maximum of 4 / 6 days from the day the cheat was released/updated.
  • Author do not allow the sale of cheat.
  • Source code author: tomson_.

How to use:
  1. Download the attachment and unpack the archive.
  2. Run CS:GO.
  3. Launch Eris.exe.
  4. Have a nice game.

Edit date: Vanced - 11-09-2021, 10:51
Reason: New version 0.2.8 [10.09.2021]

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Comments 21

  1. antoniotOffline11 September 2021 13:32
    It Working!
    Thanks BRO!
  2. jinbuuOffline3 September 2021 02:06
    Guys I know their may be some negative comments but I used this and it did work and I still have not gotten banned yet. But what I do suggest for the people that do not want to get banned. Come here everyday to see if this hack is out of date so you will not get banned.
  3. mondinatOffline15 August 2021 17:58
    Got vac banned in 2 hours pls dont use
  4. 1231145412412315412Offline29 July 2021 12:22
    it wont let me open it
    it gives me an error everytime
  5. jonathanx4708042002Offline23 July 2021 02:30
    mine is opening but after a while it is closing by itself and then when I open it again the file is giving an error
  6. YateerOffline22 July 2021 16:48
    Thank you for updating the free working cheat for cs go. I've been using it for a long time, I haven't received a ban yet, I haven't noticed it for anti-cheats. I will continue to raise my rank in matchmaking.
  7. ZacheryOffline1 July 2021 07:35
    what is the password

    1. VancedOffline1 July 2021 08:53
  8. NoLiferCzSkOffline30 June 2021 23:49
    Password is ?

    1. VancedOffline1 July 2021 08:53
  9. menczenOffline8 June 2021 17:33
    update please

    1. VancedOffline8 June 2021 19:27
      Updated v0.2.1 [08/06/2021]
  10. Amadeus eriksenOffline30 May 2021 20:18
    it say couldent find module, try inject in-game
    pleas help

  11. menczenOffline28 May 2021 13:03
    wh dont works
    1. VancedOffline29 May 2021 15:10
      Updated bro
  12. BlackjackOffline25 May 2021 16:41
    doesnt work anymore

    1. VancedOffline25 May 2021 18:31
      Updated today
  13. apapapapaOffline25 May 2021 05:30
    doesnt work at all

    1. VancedOffline25 May 2021 18:31
      Updated today
  14. JulioOffline14 May 2021 15:46
    doesnt work anymore
    1. VancedOffline14 May 2021 19:22
      Updated today