Crack OneTap (OTC) HvH Cheat for CSGO

Crack OneTap (OTC) HvH Cheat for CSGO

Today, Crack OneTap (OTC) HvH is one of the best free hvh cheats for CS:GO. You can download the latest updated version of Crack OneTap (OTC) free of charge from our website. With the support of developers such as vetid & 0x000cb, this crack is updated every time the game is updated and remains relevant to this day. This is a powerful hvh cheat with which you can win on servers where only cheaters play, or use this cheat for entertainment on classic game servers. It has all the necessary features like aimbot, 3 person view, resolver, etc. Stay tuned on our website, we will update it every time the game is updated CS: GO.

How do I run the oneatap cheat?
1. Download the cheat
2. Download any working injector
3. Injecting the file otc.dll
4. Playing :)

If you have a crash game then you must:
- Check all game files.
- Restart your PC.
- To use Process Hacker to inject the DLL.
- Disable Anti-Virus / Win Defender (possible)

To make the cheat menu work you must enable it:
- Multi-core processing/Multicore rendering
- Specify in the launch parameters-disable_d3d9ex [if option 1 does not work]
This Release of OTC that will be updated manually for every time that CSGO updates.
This Repository is a Rehost of 0x000cb OTC project.

Archive password: 123
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    how to download ?
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    how to open menu