Legithook CS GO Free Hack - Aimbot, TriggerBot, Wallhack, Backtrack

Legithook CS GO Free Hack - Aimbot, TriggerBot, Wallhack, Backtrack

A free cheat on CS GO under the name Legithook from the developer of hacks reDarkStorm is available on our website. This cheat is perfect for players who want to raise their game rank and be the first among other players. Using this cheat, you will have more game features, thereby becoming invincible on public servers or community servers, and you will also be able to easily raise your game rank in the 5vs5 team game mode in CSGO.

There is a large selection of features, but I would like to mention the excellent aimbot with which your shooting will become much more accurate and better, as well as visual features like wallhack and esp, so that you can see your enemies through the walls. In addition, there are such functions as: Backtrack, TriggerBot, Bunnyhop and other functionality.

  • Implement the cheat in the game using any working injector on CSGO.
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Comments 8

  1. ZI ERRAOffline30 August 2022 09:12
    download button?

  2. grandad1236Offline28 June 2021 00:16
    how do u turn on all the features bec when i click them it just open steam

    1. SusasaOffline28 July 2021 02:08
      con u tell me the steps

  3. ZhihanOffline24 June 2021 13:11
    tell me all the steps
  4. yourblackcokOffline15 June 2021 11:09
    it always says theres a password

    1. VancedOffline15 June 2021 11:49
  5. titlepoui1Offline11 June 2021 08:26
    what is aimbot key
    1. VancedOffline11 June 2021 09:04
      Insert to launch the menu and function settings