ZSense 1.2 - Legit / Rage / Visuals / Misc / Config

ZSense 1.2 - Legit / Rage / Visuals / Misc / Config

It's been a long time since the developers released new cheats for cs go, but today they decided to please us. A completely new ZSense cheat that has not been released anywhere else before. You will be the first to download and test the new cheat for cs go.

Cheat is the most necessary functions both for raising the rating on matchmaking, and for HvH games on public servers.
How to use?
  1. Download cheat
  2. Enable CSGO
  3. Inject the file zsense.dll to process csgo.exe (Injector download here)
  4. Open the menu with the Insert button and play!
If you want to upload config create a folder called "Zsense" by going into my computer --> documents

Config Legit and Rage is located in the downloaded archive

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  1. GoadOffline18 September 2021 16:32
    Let's see it bro :D