OSIRIS - Legit cheat #1

OSIRIS - Legit cheat #1

The best invisible cheat OSIRIS LEGIT CSGO game you can download for free from our site. This is a universal cheat with great functionality, many settings, free game skins and good CFG settings. If you want to dominate the game servers and still play like a professional, then use this free CS:GO software. For example, you can see your enemies through textures on the map, shoot accurately, move quickly on the map, see the enemy team on your radar, as well as use any game skins for free, use ready-made hack settings, and much more. Download this hack and test it yourself, you will definitely like it.

How to use?
  1. Download the cheat and unpack the archive
  2.  Download Injector from tools
  3.  Run CSGO
  4. Inject Osiris.dll 
  5. Use the INSERT key to start the Menu
  6. Have a nice game
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Comments 21

  1. kn0ckoutOffline14 September 2021 10:53
    is there any new update on the cheat ?
  2. ArielOffline24 July 2021 02:58
    nice hack would be better if you told us where to get the password
    1. VancedOffline24 July 2021 11:39
  3. mytynOffline21 July 2021 14:54
    what is csgo pid?

  4. charlie2910Offline18 July 2021 02:43
    When I inject my game crashes
  5. 10293847561029384756Offline18 July 2021 02:30
    when i inject it my game crashes
  6. apapapapaOffline30 June 2021 11:49
    dude how to do spinbot awp

  7. ZhihanOffline24 June 2021 13:16
    tutorial im new to this
  8. Rohlik_27Offline13 June 2021 14:55
    i dont hew Insert key
    1. VancedOffline13 June 2021 19:46
    2. yyy111Offline26 June 2021 12:31
      You can also change the key
  9. apapapapaOffline8 June 2021 11:24
    and finaly i cant use this script again 

    1. yaouhhOffline12 July 2021 17:54
      wetransfer codes  plz
  10. erikOffline7 June 2021 11:18
    qual a senha?

    1. july_3pOffline6 August 2021 04:33
      the password is 123

  11. Niko92Offline7 June 2021 10:10
    Thank you very much for the cheat. I think this hack for cs go is the best among all the other hacks. Thanks to your site, this cheat can be downloaded for free and without viruses, now I am global in matchmaking.
  12. JASOIVOffline29 May 2021 23:14
    what do I put for process name and dll name

    1. apapapapaOffline2 June 2021 09:58
      proces name : csgo.exe
      dll name : Osiris.dll
      antivrus off
  13. RolandaHackerOffline3 May 2021 19:30
    2018.10.01. - 2
  14. Anime Cute Girl NekoOffline23 March 2021 18:02
    idk ...                 
  15. RobertLegends098Offline18 February 2021 20:51
    hello i-am download osiris for fun