Genshin Impact Cheat (v2.2) - GodMode / RapidFire / Teleport & More

Genshin Impact Cheat (v2.2) - GodMode / RapidFire / Teleport & More

This is the best and most powerful cheat for Genshin Impact, which was published on this site. This solution has collected the most popular and cool features, namely: Godmode, Wallhack, Speedhack, Rapidfire, No Cooldown, No Clip, Infinite Q, Instant Bow, Modify Gravity, Instant Teleport, Cheat Map. And of course there are other useful functions and features with which the game will be transformed and you will have fun playing. Because this cheat will give you new and unforgettable emotions so that you want to play this cute game again. You can see all the functionality in full in the screenshots in this topic.


  1. Login to Genshin and join your world
  2. Start ProcessHacker with Admin Permissions and close the mhyprot2 Handle.
  3. Start the BetterGenshin.exe
  4. Enjoy!

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  1. kazehirukoOffline21 November 2021 07:57
    how do i close mhyprot handle?