Xenos injector

Xenos injector

Today it is one of the best free injectors that you can find on the Internet. It is automated for almost all popular games, for example, it is great for such games as: GTA V, CSGO, CS 1.6, BF 5 (checked personally). All you need is to enter the correct game process and make an injection and then you can fully play any game using the cheat. The probability of getting a ban for using this injector is extremely small. Follow the instructions and you will succeed without any problems.

HOW TO USE Xenos injector 2020:
  1. Open the injector as an administrator.
  2. In the Process column, select the process you want to inject into.
  3. Then click the Add button and select the desired. dll file for the injection.
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. In the Native Injection Options section, select Unlink module and Erase PE Headers. In the General Options section, make the Inject Delay equal to 11900 and the Inject Interval equal to 750.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Inject and start the game.
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Comments 7

  1. JahůdkaOffline8 October 2021 20:36
    All working! Thanks
  2. IMVERYCOOL312312313Offline17 June 2021 23:56
    It's closing why i try to open!
  3. posenameOffline22 May 2021 11:05
    is it safe tho?
  4. Vice_oneOffline10 April 2021 04:00
    What is the password?

    1. VancedOffline10 April 2021 09:14
      Password: 123
  5. nobleghost12Offline20 March 2021 22:49
    all of the game injectors are taken down please reupload the service 
  6. Raymond1433Offline16 December 2020 11:48
    it closes itself when i try to turn it on