Sharp Mono Injector v2.5

Sharp Mono Injector v2.5

An excellent mono-injector, suitable for implementing cheats with the Unity3D engine. A great and simple mono-injector for games. Some dll cheats require special implementation, for example, such as Nelson Hack for Rust Experimental, Dead Frontier 2 Internal Hack, Zero Hour ESP can be implemented only through a mono injector. The setup is very simple and the injector itself is easy to use

After unpacking, the DLL and the injector should be in the same place.

If the injector crashes after clicking on the REFRESH button, disable the antivirus
Be sure to run the mono injector as an administrator, otherwise it will not work.

How to use it?
  • In the "Process" field, select your game process
  • In the "Assembly to inject" field, select your DLL file
  • In the "Namespace" field, insert the namespace of your DLL
  • In the "Class Name" field, insert the class name
  • In the "Method name" field, insert the name of the method

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